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Year 7 residential to Jamie’s Farm, Lewes

By Clair Hill - May 14th, 2024 | Posted in Article

Ten students from year 7 had an amazing week at Jamie’s Farm last week (and the staff did too)!  We undertook a number of jobs and activities on the farm in small groups each day and also had plenty of time for lots of delicious home-cooked food!

Each morning started with the feeding rounds for a range of animals (cows, sheep, lamb, goats, picks, chickens and ducks) whilst another group prepared breakfast for the humans.  After breakfast we would then do other jobs on the farm such as gardening, wood-chopping, herding the sheep, creating new spaces for the goats, mending fences and so on.  Lunch would always be something amazing such as handmade pizza, macaroni cheese, chicken wraps – all made by a group of our students.  The afternoons were spent doing more jobs before a lovely walk and games in the woods.  One afternoon, we hiked from Ditchling Beacon all the way back to the farm – a distance of over 7.5km!

Everybody had a brilliant week and it was fantastic to see the students grow in confidence, make new friendships and challenge themselves to try new things.  We all returned on Friday afternoon exhausted, but happy!