Year 11 & 13 Prom

By Support - July 16th, 2019 | Posted in News

On the Summer evening of Wednesday 10th July Carew Academy celebrated the achievements of our year 11 and year 13 students by hosting a night to remember.

Students arrived with their families through the grand front door of the Carew Manor House and into the Quadrangle. The boys dressed smartly in suits, we hardly recognised them. The girls in their colourful or sparkly outfits, looking so grown up. The staff were also dressed smartly for the occasion, with Mr Watkins with his bowtie.

With the Quadrangle as a colourful environment with plants and the pond with shimmering water: we sipped our refreshing fizzy fruit juice and enjoyed the background music of Ashley Knight playing on the keyboard. Staff chatted with students and their families, reminiscing about times shared at Carew.

As we moved through to the hall we encountered a space filled with a presentation area, a balloon arch and a red carpet. The tables were decorated in the school colours of black and yellow/gold: tablecloths, table runners, tableware and sparkling table confetti.

Our Principal Mr Robert Watkins performed the presentation ceremony. The Head of Upper School Mr Joe Shepherd gave tribute to the achievements of each and every student. He spoke about challenges individuals had faced and the progress they had made both academically and socially. He thanked the Carew staff for their dedication and hard work in working together with families and students: enabling students to reach their full potential. It was so good to hear and see how these young people had matured, as they proudly went up to receive their year books and have their official photograph taken of this memorable occasion.

Everyone returned to the Quadrangle whilst the hall was transformed into a disco area and the food was brought out ready to be shared. All guests came back into the hall showing their year books to friends, families and staff. We enjoyed choosing and eating food from buffet which included cakes with edible Carew Academy logos.

During the rest of the evening we enjoyed dancing and singing with the welcome addition of a photo booth where we could have photographs taken of friendship, family or staff groups: these were printed off straight away as a great memory of time spent together.

Many thanks must go to Sean and Bertie Scanlon and to the photo booth team of Nikki Taylor and family for donating their time and energy to making this a great evening. Many, many thanks to Mrs Sandra Butcher for all her hard work in planning, putting together the year book and for the donations from the ‘Friends of Carew’. We are very grateful to Mrs Becky Brown and Noah Brown were so very helpful and supportive throughout the evening making sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks are also due for the support of all the staff, that appeared from everywhere to help set up and clear away in record time. At the end of the evening the hall was reset up and then ready for the next day’s performance of Mary Poppins.

One last thing we enjoyed together was Mr Watkins encouraging everyone to get together for the last song and dance. As he held the mike and lead the singing to the last celebration dance of the evening.

The emphasis was on fun and celebrating the wonderful and talented students that are here at Carew. They are the future and we enjoyed sharing in the success that each and every student has achieved during their ‘Carew Time.’

“Oh what a night”. We certainly lived up to our motto and another example of “Let’s Show What We Can Do.”

Mrs Geraldine Childs