tree strength

World Mental Health Day  

By Clair Hill - October 11th, 2023 | Posted in Article

At Carew Academy we’re supporting student wellbeing this World Mental Health Day, which took place on the 10th October. Students have been looking at different types of self-care and reflecting on what works for them. Activities include finding things you have in common with others, stretching and breathing exercises, learning something new and carrying out acts of kindness. Mexico City class took full advantage of the lovely weather and simply went for a wellbeing walk and learnt about the strength we can gain from trees.

We’re encouraging students to continue to try different activities at home – why not try some as a family. For more tips and information about looking after your child’s mental health go to

As a parent or carer, looking after your own wellbeing is also important and Every Mind Matters enables you to get tailored wellbeing support. Use the Mind Plan to see what works for you: