Work Experience Week at Carew

By Support - February 17th, 2022 | Posted in News

As a result of Covid, we were unfortunately unable to send our young people into the community to gain experience in different jobs. However, this meant we were able to think more creatively and develop our very own Carew Work Experience Week (31st Jan – 4th Feb) for our Years 10 and 11 students.

This consisted of a range of careers-based lessons throughout the week, starting with an Enterprise Day on Monday. Our Years 10 and 11 Work and Further Education classes all took part in this event. They worked in small teams to create some simple booklets. They then ‘sold’ these to our buyers and used the profit to buy more products from our ‘shop’. They then used these new products to develop their own stationery line. The group at the end with the most profit won the day and a rather large trophy! Well done to all who participated – you did a fantastic job and showed some real creativity, team working skills and leadership.

The rest of the week then consisted of a range of work experience tasks and careers-based lessons, including:

  • ‘What might my future hold’ lesson
  • Listening and presenting skills lessons
  • Interviewing people about their jobs
  • Problem solving tasks
  • Staying positive in the workplace
  • Leadership tasks and skills
  • Job debates
  • The changing faces of jobs over the years