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Work experience trip to Willmott Dixon Interiors

By Clair Hill - June 5th, 2024 | Posted in Article

A group of students were lucky enough to spend the day in Central London working at the incredible Willmott Dixon Interiors (a very professional building company).

They spent the day taking in the environment that included multiple open plan offices, created using forward-thinking, innovative designs to increase productivity and positive working practices. They were wowed by the auditorium with staggered seating, open seating plans with ‘hot desks’ to increase productivity, many small, medium and large meeting rooms (including the amazing boardroom we were based in) and an entire wall devoted to real plants to increase the levels of oxygen in the room and be a therapeutic and calming visual for the staff.

Students spent the day designing their dream school – and were incredibly impressive, coming up with multiple parks and an underground swimming pool to name just a few innovations!

We look forward to carrying on with this incredible placement with future classes!