Whole School Cross Country

By Support - September 20th, 2022 | Posted in News

The whole school took part in the annual whole school cross country event on the 30th of September. With the fear of weather looming over our heads we decided to press on with the event which ended up being the correct decision. Like we have done in the previous years the students split into 3 groups Short, Medium and Long, as done in the past the students got to select which race they wanted to take part in. The day itself was a big success all students crossed the finish line with a smile on their face and happy with the feeling of achievement.

Archie storming into first place with a very impressive 10min run on the long course was a big highlight of the day even beating Mr Stratton which in itself is no easy task. Overall, the cross-country event was a huge success and with the help of all the staff the event was able to run smoothly and effectively throughout. I look forward to next time when the students can look to beat their personal best.