Volunteering at Sutton Community Farm

By Support - October 18th, 2022 | Posted in News

On Tuesday 11 October, Beijing Class made the trip to Sutton Community Farm to take part in some voluntary work.

Some students were a bit anxious at first as they were thinking about the various animals they might encounter – little did they realise that it was actually a vegetable growing farm!

As they approached the large fields and numerous polytunnels they realised it was going to be hard work, what they didn’t expect was how much fun they were about to have!

Students patiently listened to Sonia, the farm manager’s introduction and instructions and then they got their hands on the secateurs, loppers, garden shears and wheelbarrows.

Their task for the morning consisted of chopping off a field of overgrown rainbow chard that was now too bitter for consumption. It was a huge task as some of the roots were huge. However, they particularly enjoyed several wheelbarrow trips to the compost heap!

Fun fact

There are no flushing toilets at the farm, instead they have pit toilets that create manure – students weren’t too keen!

At the end of the session students felt very proud of what they had achieved. Some of them would really love to become farmers or gardeners and would like to help on a more regular basis as the experience made them more confident in their skills for life!

They showed great resilience and staff at the centre commented on their impressive work ethic.