Maths / Numeracy

We use maths in every aspect of our lives at work and in practical everyday activities at home and beyond – there isn’t a day that goes by where our students will not be challenged to use maths in one way or another.

Students at Carew practice their Maths and Numeracy skills every day, and wherever a link can be made in other subject areas, are reminded and revised of the importance of mathematical reasoning and the skills needed to answer a problem.

Structure of Curriculum and Lessons

Carew Academy students work towards a curriculum that delivers a breadth of Maths skills, practicing old skills in a cyclical routine every year to help support our students in revising, as well as introducing new maths topics every year. This curriculum is designed to practice the core Numeracy skills the most as these are used in all areas of maths lessons and indeed maths reasoning, but also the important practical life skills of Measures (Money, Time and Units of Measure in a practical element). We also look at Geometry (shapes), Statistics (data and graphs) and where possible Algebra and Ratio.

All students from KS2 to Year 11 have one lesson of Maths a day as a core subject, with students having at least 3 lessons a week in 6th form. Students in 6th form also have extra explicit maths outcomes expected of them in other areas of their curriculum, such as BTEC coursework.

As well as set maths work in maths lessons, students are given optional maths homework once a week, and given mental maths questions throughout the day for 2 minutes or even 15 seconds at a time in any lesson, showing learning across the curriculum. Students are always challenged to the best of their abilities in every phase and pathway of school – work is challenging but achievable!

Accreditation and Outcomes 

Students work towards the highest achievable accreditation they can.

All students when they leave either Upper school or our Sixth form will have achieved an Entry Level Certificate Level 1 through to 3.

Some students will complete Functional Skills Entry Level 1 through to 3.

In Year 11 a number of students will have taken the Edexcel GCSE Foundation Level. All dependent on personal progress and attainment levels.

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