Trip to France

By Support - July 15th, 2019 | Posted in News

Seven very lucky students from the 6th Form group went on a four day residential trip to France. They couldn’t wait and were excited about attending the school’s first residential trip abroad. They stayed at a EuroCamp villa and took part in activities such as pedalo riding, swimming (in the inside and outside pool) and water slides.

Whilst there, students practiced speaking the French they had learnt the past academic year. They did this with the local people working in the Cafe’s, restaurants and the staff at Euro Camp. Student Rosina commented: “I think the French lessons really paid off. It was fun talking and ordering things from the people at the till.”

Along with using their French, some of the students helped clean, tidy and cook in the cabins they rested in.

The group also enjoyed a day out in Paris. They visited famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and student Chantelle, said:“This is the best one!” They also had lunch at a Café, and ordered double chocolate Éclairs!

Au Revoir France.

By Rosina – 6th Form Student