Woodland Wonders – Explore, Discover, Create!

In our relaxed outdoor atmosphere, students can take a break away from the classroom to nurture their wellbeing and explore the wonders of nature in a calm and supportive environment.

At Woodland Wonders, we engage in experimenting with various sensory media and playing games that foster the development of language, communication, social, and team-building skills. Surrounded by nature, participants feel at ease and can discover things at their own pace. Many of the experiences in sessions occur naturally, aiding students in developing confidence and problem-solving skills. Through curious and playful exploration, we learn how to care for ourselves, the natural environment, and each other.

In our dedicated wellbeing area, participants can choose to wrap themselves in blankets while sitting in the sensory cave or relaxing on beanbags. Here, we provide an array of therapeutic stories and sensory aids to assist in the development of emotional literacy, resilience, and self-regulation skills. Being aware of how we feel is important and we always check in and out of sessions using the zone cones, with our beloved Gonk keeping watch!

sensory trays woodland wonders

Woodland Wonders offers a range of topics and inspiring activities, such as Myths and Legends, What I love in the World, Pirates and Knowing Our Senses. Together, we embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and creativity.

“Oh, have you not been before? You will love it; it’s a magical place!” – year 7 student.

Woodland Wonders takes place in the school quad and is led by our Forest School Leader.