Drawing and Talking

Drawing and Talking is a non-directive therapeutic play technique that uses art and imagination to support students who have experienced trauma or have underlying emotional difficulties. The intervention supports those who may not be realising their full academic or social potential.

In sessions, students will be invited to use their imagination and draw. This helps them to express and communicate their feelings and experiences in a safe and symbolic way. The facilitator guides the process by asking a number of non-intrusive questions about the drawings, helping the student to both process and reflect. As drawings change over time, students can experience a release of difficult emotions, and old conflicts and experiences can be healed.

Drawing and Talking can help students to express themselves, access the academic curriculum, control their behaviour, improve their self-esteem, and develop greater emotional awareness and social understanding.

Drawing and talking sessions take place once per week and are offered by our trained facilitators.

For more information on Drawing and Talking, please visit: https://drawingandtalking.com/foundation