School Dogs

Trevor and Stitch, Carew’s school dogs, have had a remarkable impact on our students’ educational experience and their presence in school has positively influenced students’ social and emotional well-being. When students are dysregulated or need some time to themselves, having a space to connect with our friendly and well-trained school dogs reduces their stress, anxiety, and improves their overall mood enough for them to get back at what they do best – learning!

The unconditional love and non-judgmental nature that our school dogs provide helps students feel relaxed, and being able to connect with them for love and attention fosters a sense of empathy and responsibility. Through regular interactions with Trevor and Stitch, students have shown a noticeable reduction in stress and anxiety levels. In addition, the special bond our students have formed with the dogs has contributed to improved social skills, teamwork, and communication. 

Trevor and Stitch have had an immeasurable impact on our school community, and their presence has contributed to our positive and inclusive school culture. Our students are always thrilled when Trevor and Stitch are around, and the feeling is very much reciprocated by the dogs too!