Theatre Week

By Support - June 20th, 2019 | Posted in News

As part of Theatre Week, we welcomed Singing Hands to Carew Academy on Wednesday 19th June. Singing Hands are Suzanne and Tracy, whose unique and enthusiastic performances are designed to help develop communication potential through music, songs, games & activities.

We all had a lovely afternoon dancing and singing!  Washington DC class really enjoyed the performance and were actively involved throughout. They loved the up to date songs played, which really helped them to want to get involved.

The ladies were really welcoming and said hello personally to each one of our students (the name tags helped!). The pupils joined in with the signs and sang happily to each song. The enthusiasm was great the whole way through and our students wanted more when it had finished. I didn’t think our students would be so active as they were not keen on going but in fact, couldn’t stop talking about it once it finished. They were able to remember some of the signs shown in the performance which was great and all made really positive comments about it.

Here are just a few:

 “My favourite was the Bob Marley song’ 

“I know now how to sign yellow and green”

“I loved ALL the songs!”

“I can’t wait to go next time as Tracy said we can do YMCA”

Thank you again, we look forward to the next performance!’