The Tables Have Turned!

On Monday 27th January, SILC Training in Mitcham, which offers young people the chance to develop their construction skills in preparation for college or future employment, held a “Train the Teacher” session.

One of our 6th form students, Finley, invited Ms Lim, Carew Academy’s RSE Lead Teacher to join him for this session. She had a fantastic time and really appreciated the opportunity to experience what is offered to our young people.

She was so proud of Finley in the way he explained, so confidently, about the health and safety aspects, as well as how to tile a wall; from the measuring, preparing the tile and application of the tile adhesive, then using the spacers. Finley was able to support Ms Lim confidently and patiently, as well as demonstrate problem solving skills when the tiles were not appearing straight or lining up equally. He was very patient and really took pride in supporting his teacher.

Thank you SILC for offering us this great opportunity!

Carew is an amazing school for our son, he now shines academically and his social skills are outstanding since being part of Carew.  Most of all they understand his needs and support him daily.

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