Tate Modern – Dora Maar Exhibition

By Support - February 7th, 2020 | Posted in News

On 6th February, GCSE and A-Level Photography students went to The Tate Modern Gallery to see Dora Maar’s exhibition. The artist was an inspiration and partner of Pablo Picasso.

Students had the opportunity to see artwork of the artist, presenting a variety of photography techniques. One of the students was amazed as he found work that was very similar to what he was doing in Photography lessons. There were photo-grams, created using a technique that we explore at Carew Academy as well. Students have seen surrealistic exhibits, photo-grams, collages and paintings including work of Pablo Picasso.

In addition, we visited the viewing area on the 10th floor of The Tate Gallery allowing us to admire a panorama of the River Thames and City of London. The students really enjoyed the view as well as the art.