Sutton’s Student Voice Panel

By Support - April 13th, 2023 | Posted in News

This week, Carew Academy had the opportunity to host Sutton’s student voice panel. The panel consists of 10 schools and local police, with this panels theme of ‘Personal Safety’ As part of the student voice hosts, we showcased the work the students have done towards Personal Safety and all the students who contributed, had made excellent points towards
Work Safety, E-safety, staying safe in the community and health.

All the students showed impeccable courage to stand in front of such a crowd and their wealth of knowledge, with one student in particular chose to bring an impromptu speech along with her, which resulted in a standing ovation from all schools. Please see the speech below:

When you want people to listen to you when they are just not listening it can feel just a
horrible feeling inside. It feels like they are just ignoring you and it could be hard to speak up when things are serious.
Sexual comments and harassment need to stop, it stops now all over Sutton spreading
rumor’s can get the victim into trouble and at home. All bullying needs to stop if its sexist, racist and against people who are a part of LGBTQ+.
Let everyone join in it doesn’t matter what they look like or what they think.
Everyone is different.
Different is good.
Speak the truth about what’s happening.
Get your voice heard.
I am autistic and I’m proud of it.
Everyone should be proud of who they are.
Let’s make Sutton better.
Who’s with me?