Our House System:

We have 5 Houses at Carew which are all named after different trees. The first letter of each House spells out Carew. The colour of the school ties that our students wear will show people which house they are in.

Below are our Houses and their colours.

Cedar = Purple

Ash = Orange

Rowan = Red

Elm = Green

Willow = Yellow

Over each term the Houses compete to earn the most merits to become the winning House.

Merits, Postcards and House Points:

Students earn merits for their House but also for themselves.

Every merit earned can be spent in our Merit Shop on a verity of items include snack bars, fruit snacks like winders and yo yos, juice cartoons and milkshakes. Stationery items including pens, pencils, colouring books, rubbers and a large selection of sensory toys.

To earn merits, you just need to follow the ABC of success:

A = Attendance. If you come to school every day and have fantastic attendance, you will earn merits just for being here.

B = Behaviour. If you demonstrate good behaviour in your lessons, around the school and towards others you will earn merits just for being nice.

C = Challenge. If you challenge yourself and push yourself to work hard, try your best and try new things, we will always reward you.

Every time you are awarded a merit one is awarded to your House too!  So when you’re a winner, everyone is a winner!

You will also be given the chance throughout the year to enter lots of House competitions. These will take place in all the subjects – from drawing competitions in Art, to poetry competitions in English and Literacy, to sporting competitions in PE, and many, many more!

Every time you enter a competition, you receive a merit. The winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) also then gain points for their Houses too!


Postcards are awarded for behaviours linked to out school values.

Ambitious – always aim higher.

Independent – try by yourself.

Resilient – Never give up.

Caring – always show you care.

Postcards are sent home to parents & carers to share students’ achievements. Each postcard is worth 4 merits.

Golden Tickets:

Golden Tickets are given for students who go above and beyond what is normally expected for them.

Golden Tickets are sent home to parents and carers as a surprise for the student.

Each golden ticket is worth 5 merits.