At Carew Academy, swimming lessons are integrated into the curriculum in order to promote physical fitness, water safety, and overall well-being among students. In Key Stage 2 (KS2) and Year 7, classes participate in a term of swimming lessons throughout the academic year. Furthermore, all Skills for Life classes (KS2 – Year 11) have swimming lessons. These lessons serve not only to teach crucial water safety skills but also contribute to the overall physical well-being of the students. The early exposure to swimming fosters a sense of confidence and competence in the water, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. By incorporating swimming lessons into these critical stages, we aim to equip students with essential competencies that extend beyond the classroom, emphasising the holistic and practical aspects of education. These lessons go beyond aquatic proficiency, providing a well-rounded education that includes physical health and valuable life skills.

We work towards the three key outcomes within the physical education curriculum, set by the government:


Our swimming lessons take place at The Hayes Primary School which has well-equipped facilities with a heated pool measuring 12.6 meters in length. We ensure to maintain an optimal swimming environment which aligns with Carew’s dedication to fostering a positive and effective learning experience for all participants.


The swimming lessons are led by Miss Radford, a level 2 qualified swimming teacher, ensuring that students receive expert guidance and instruction throughout their swimming education. Additionally Mrs. Wills, also a level 2 qualified teacher, assists with Skills for Life swimming lessons.