Safer Internet Day

By Support - March 3rd, 2016 | Posted in News

Students across the school took part in Safer Internet Day: a scheme to promote safe internet use.

Students prepared in advance for the day by tackling different subjects that arise when using the internet – how to spot something out the ordinary, online bullying, who to speak to if you have concerns about anything you have seen online, how to use social media safely, what to do if someone asks to meet you in person, and other important topics. In groups, students put together presentations which they then showed to the school in a Safer Internet Day assembly.

The groups brought to life the topics they had been discussing, some by enacting a role play (fantastic performances all round!) and some groups had made posters for the day, making the assembly engaging, interactive, informative and fun!

Head of Upper School, Emmet Murphy, who said “I believe there is a real need to raise awareness of safe internet use. There is a stack of research that shows high quality e-safety in school not only keeps pupils safe, it also leads to pupils enjoying stronger and healthier relationships in adult life. We’ll definitely do more work of this nature”.