Royal Navy STEM Day

By Support - October 26th, 2021 | Posted in News

We were delighted to welcome Dennis, Frenchy and Scraggy from the Royal Navy STEM engagement team to Carew this term. They provided students with an opportunity to practically experience STEM applications. Some students built electrical circuits, incorporating different components to transfer the electrical energy into light, sound a kinetic energy. They thoroughly enjoyed using the kinetic energy to make a propeller fly. Others got to grips with pneumatic action and its applications by connecting hoses to direct pressurised air though a variety of components to work a piston. Students also developed their coding skills by using block coding to control their own ‘Sphero’ robotic ball, including its speed, direction and light and sound effects.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the activities and meeting the team, here’s what they said:

“I loved all the activities because they were all fun and the people doing it were amazing”.

“It was excellent, particularly when the robot was spinning around”.

“It was great fun”.

“Programming the bolt balls was so much fun and like nothing I’ve experienced before”.

“My favourite was the pneumatic activity, because of the gas pushing the piston, the guy also had a good passion and he was amazing”.

“I loved working with the Bolt balls, especially programming them to take out my friends bolt balls”.

“I liked the robot activity because I love coding and he was nice and it was cool and it was so amazing”.

“This is the first time I’ve felt happy in ages”

“It was absolutely fascinating”

“I got to build my own doorbell but I loved using the iPad to control the robots”

“The robots were so cool”

“Can all of our science lessons be like this?”