Parent Feedback

Working closely with pupils’ families is a crucial part of our work at Carew – we want to ensure that the school is doing everything it can to support and nurture our pupils to achieve their ambitions.  Your feedback helps us to focus on key areas for improvement and the issues that are important to you and your child.

Some comments from parents and carers:


My daughter is thriving and enjoys school so much more since joining Carew.  Great school with great support.


Carew is an amazing school setting for our son, he shines academically and his social skills are outstanding since being part of Carew.  Most of all they understand our son’s needs and support him daily.  Well done Carew Academy.


My daughter has gone from being scared to attend school and having anxiety to enjoying school again.  Making friends, invited and attended a party.  She also experienced positive trips with school in the summer term.  There is a notable difference in her mood and she is much happier.


My son has made outstanding progress since starting Carew he has only been there a year and the change in him is amazing. Not only curriculum and learning, but as a person and has come out of himself.  He is happy and loves going to school.


My son has come along amazingly since he has been at Carew.  He has been given great opportunities and achieved so much.


My son has grown from a quiet shy Year 7 into a well-rounded young man now in 6th Form. Carew and all of the staff have made sure he is ready to face the big wide world. My greatest heartfelt thanks to you all.


My son can now sit through a while lesson.  His reading is fabulous and his social skills are improving all the time.


My son has come on so much. Carew is fantastic. The teachers are amazing. I cannot fault it.


My son did not have a good time in the mainstream school where his needs were not met and he developed anxiety and depression. Since joining Carew in Year 9 there have been no signs of any of the old symptoms.  He goes to school happy, has no worries, takes part in sports etc. and comes home happy.  Thanks to the amazing staff at Carew.


My son loves coming to school! It’s nice to hear he’s doing so well.
He’s a much more contented boy, all thanks to the amazing work you guys do


My Son has made amazing progress in all aspects of school, his confidence has grown incredibly too.  If I have any concerns I am always able to talk to his teacher.  We have recently made changes concerning his ability to express his feelings which have made a marked improvement.


Since starting Carew, our son has grown so much in confidence.  He now has a positive outlook on learning and loves attending school now!!  At home he is happier, isolates less and will speak about his school life.  Carew Academy has been such a massive part in helping him feel like he belongs.  As his parents we could not wish for more from a school for him and his needs!  Thank you!!


My son has made huge progress with his school work and going into school since joining Carew.  The staff have got an understanding of him which is brilliant.  We would like to thank you all.


Since joining Carew, my daughter has become more confident in herself and in her ability to chat to others.  She is making new friends and has found trust in her teachers.  She will now try new activities and is achieving better grades, thanks to the teaching staff and resources available to her.  My daughter loves coming to school and gets quite upset when holidays arrive Credit to Carew.  Thank you to all the staff who make her time at school a fun, happy and safe environment.


Since starting Carew Academy, my son has been very happy, made new friends and has become more confident. He discusses some aspects of his school days and topics he’s worked on. He feels happy and confident and safe in what he describes as a friendly environment. We feel as parents feel we have made the right choice with Carew Academy and look forward to his continuing progress and happiness at school.


My son has made excellent progress at Carew, he’s had a lot to deal with recently, but the staff have been very accommodating and I hope that he continues to improve and flourish. 


Since joining Carew, my son has been like a different child.  He can’t wait to get dressed in the morning and come to school, whereas at his old school he would refuse daily to go.
He is always so excited to come home and tell everybody about what great fun he has been up to! Sending him to Carew was the best choice I have ever made!


My son has progressed so much since joining Carew, he is a much happier more confident child.  He has less meltdowns and is happy to learn and challenge himself.


Since our son has joined the lovely Carew, all we can say is thank you. 
We have our happy son back, he had a very stressful 18 months at his previous school, with staff and his peers not understanding his needs.  He is making his own stamp on this wonderful school, even asking for extra homework. 
Keep doing what you all do at the wonderful Carew.
He is independent, happy, smiling and his medical needs including; OT, SALT, physio and wellbeing are all taken care of inhouse – amazing!


My son goes to school happier than he used to and he seems more vocal too. He tells me he loves Carew when I ask him if he likes his new school.  He has settled in extremely well.


Wow! The progress my son has made since starting Carew has been amazing! 
He is so much more confident and independent.  He is so happy and fulfilled.  So much surer of his place in the world.  So much more relaxed and so much less anxious. His life is so busy and enriched now.  Last week alone, he went to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum visited the school.  There always seems to be something going on – something he can be a part of and he always seems to be right in the middle of it! 
He feels a huge sense of belonging to the school and is thriving on being part of such a lively, buzzy community. His reading is coming on and so is his writing.  Thankfully he has his father’s maths brain, so that is coming on too!  He has lots of friends, adores his teachers and is excited about moving up to the bigger part of the school next year.  Carew Academy means he world to him. 
I can’t believe how lucky we are that he goes there!


My son is very happy at Carew and making good progress.  Since starting at Carew in Year 8 he has got much more confidence and is joining in with school sports again which is something that he stopped doing before starting at Carew.  I am very happy with the school and communication from the school is excellent, I am informed by email, text and phone conversations weekly or sooner if there is something I need to know about my son’s education.


My son has come so far since starting Carew, he settled in well and has made friends which he hasn’t experienced before.  His stress and anxiety levels have come right down and he isn’t fretting about going to school, he wants to go!  Carew is very structured, so he is well prepared for any change and he knows his school routine well.  He is slowly getting better at organising himself and is proud of himself for any achievements and wants to share his day with the rest of the family.  His communication skills are coming along well.  He is generally a really happy boy.


Since joining Carew almost a year ago, my son has become more engaged with school and wants to go to school every day.  He has become more confident in his abilities and is more positive in his self-belief.
The additional support he is given and the calm approach of staff has helped him to try and understand his behaviors and the way he reacts to situations.
Carew has been a very positive experience.


Enrichment activities are fantastic and help in so many ways. Swimming and horse riding are particular favourites.
My sons life is so busy and varied now, he comes home and talks about his day. He loves his homework topics and talks about them with us. The therapy is helping too.
I think Carew is outstanding in every way.


My son is doing consistently well. His teacher is bringing out the best side of him and he is improving in every area.


My daughter has progressed really well in the short time she has been at Carew Academy and is very happy here.


My son is happy and well looked after. He is learning, and safe, and that is all I need from a school, I feel Carew is getting better and better. Well done.


My child has achieved so much this year that I hope he continues to progress like he is, if so I can see great things for him.


I like the humaneness of the school and its leadership.


From seeing the school before to how it is now is lovely to see.

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