Orchestral Delights

By Support - December 6th, 2018 | Posted in News

On Thursday 29th November, the key stage 2 students at Carew Academy were lucky enough to attend a special concert performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra!

We arrived in London to the buzz of London’s Southbank. Students enjoyed pointing out famous London landmarks and admired the capital’s festive lights and atmosphere.

After a packed lunch at the Royal Festival Hall, we made our way in to the auditorium where we were greeted by the members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and students from other schools. The audience was jam-packed!

The concert opened with a dramatic and moving excerpt from Strauss’, ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, otherwise known as ‘a 2001 Space Odyssey’. The drums and trumpets pounded through our hearts and everyone was gripped!

During an excerpt from Rimsky Korsakov’s ‘Scheherazade’, the students’ art work on ‘Sinbad the Sailor’ was displayed on the big screen so that everyone could see it. The concert repertoire included pieces about famous adventurers and explorers and the orchestra closed with the music from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. Our students were very excited and some even conducted from the audience! Amazing!

The host of the concert, Paul Rissman, had written a musical score for the book, ‘Leon and the Place Between’. This is where our role as the choir began and we sang along with all the songs from the story. Everyone remembered the words and actions. It was absolutely fantastic and a really rare opportunity to sing with a live world class orchestra.

We would like to congratulate our key stage 2 students for their impeccable behaviour for learning and for their sheer enthusiasm for the event. Everyone came out of the concert with positive adjectives for their experience: “amazing!”, “awesome!”, “great”. It was an incredible day and such a rare and special event for our students. We hope that they will remember it for years to come.

 Well done to our young Performing Arts students. We are very proud of you!’