Opera Experience

By Support - April 3rd, 2019 | Posted in News

On Monday the 1st of April we had an opera performance in Carew Academy.

The well-known English Touring Opera, performed an opera devised specifically for a young audience. The show was very interactive and inclusive. Students enjoyed high class operatic singing together with a small ensemble of instruments, including a viola and various percussion instruments. Waxwings, the title of the sensory opera is about an autistic boy who loves birds. The story is about how the boy and his sister face daily problems at school, including a bad teacher.

Tim Yelland, the librettist and director created a piece of operatic theatre that is engaging and appealing to young ears. The music composed by Clive and Nick Ives, was beautiful and transferred students into the world of opera allowing them to associate with the story. LLio Evans, Zachary Neat and Emily Kyte had great energy and drama coupled with high performance skills. They made the morning unforgettable for our students who rewarded the performers with standing ovations.

Thank you to the English Touring Opera company for introducing your genre of music to our lovely students, who after 45 mins still wanted more.