NSPCC National Number Day

By Support - February 15th, 2018 | Posted in News

Pupils at Carew Academy recently celebrated the NSPCC National Number Day and raised money for this great cause at Carew. We hosted a whole week of Maths puzzles and activities, with pupils practising using their mental maths, calculators when needed, explaining their maths reasoning when confronted with puzzles and showing an aptitude for solving puzzles and problems using inverse operations of maths.

This fantastic week of Maths puzzles and number thinking culminated in a school wide Mufti day on Friday 2nd February, with pupils coming into school dressed in their finest maths clothes, with some pupils making even more effort by creating maths equations on their clothes and becoming real ‘mathemagicians’ for the day! Absolutely fantastic to see, and even more exciting to hear the kids all talking about their maths puzzles in the playground – a really enjoyable day celebrating Number was had by all!