New Look Sixth Form

By Support - October 12th, 2018 | Posted in News

Article by Rosina, Year 13

What do we like about our new home?

The newly built hut placed outside in the lower school playground has become a warm, cosy and welcoming area. The three classes Lima, Santiago and Mexico City at either end of the hut are lovely and bright. It has lovely state of the art heating and beautiful posters on decorative walls!

But what do they like the most about the Hut?

“I like the sofa that’s in the corner of the Lima class. It is just perfect for the pupils to chill out and relax on between lessons. It is also a comfortable space to relax and socialise.”

Nicola Lim, a teacher from Lima class Said “I am really proud of our little kitchen corner, where we have a microwave; a kettle; cups/mugs and cutlery so students can practice their home living skills.”

What else is in the magical Hut?

It is a tidy and neat working area with enough space for safe and clean storage. It also has a decent computing area in Lima class. We have paper, pens and a lot of other stationery!

Journolist Rosina.