Natural History Museum

By Support - March 14th, 2019 | Posted in News

It was a beautifully sunny day on the 14th February when year 7 classes Athens, Colombo and Belfast took a trip to the Natural History Museum to support with their learning of Dinosaurs. We travelled by public transport which some of the children absolutely loved and it really added to the sense of adventure. This was also some of the children’s first experience of a museum so was an exciting day.

The children were amazed at the robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex and were awestruck at the size comparison of the dinosaurs, this helped them put the actual size of different species of dinosaur in perspective.

We managed to see some of the rest of the museum and a real favourite was the earthquake simulator which for Athens class has sparked an interest in extreme weather and natural disasters something we hope to explore more in tutor time!

A huge success and an enjoyable time was had by all we look forward to the next time!