National Poetry Day

By Support - October 16th, 2018 | Posted in News

On Thursday 4th October, Carew celebrated National Poetry Day! Students across the school listened to and read a range of poems from fantastic poets, such as Roald Dahl and Michael Rosen. We also discovered we have a number of wonderful poets at Carew! Our students showed their creative side by writing acrostic poems, limericks and themed poems about such topics as family and the harvest festival.

We also entered a number of our poets into a national competition entitled ‘Poetry Wonderland’. These poems had to be as weird and wonderful as possible and our Carew pupils did not disappoint! We saw a fabulous range of poems about some wonderfully weird things, from flying fish-fingers to talking tomatoes! A great example of one of our entries is from Kian in our Belfast class.

We hope you enjoy!

Candy Land is Crazy

Candy Land is crazy.

Whatever shall I do?

Sweets and yummy candy,

Tastes yummier than you.


First we start with chocolate, ice cream and sweets,

As my feet start to make a beat.

I go all wacky and wild,

After all, I am a child.


I can hear nothing,

After all, it’s only me.

There’s not even a puffin or huffen.

There’s no seed, not even a tree.


I can see all doughnuts,

Liking what I see.

I’m eating in my hut,

Scaring all the bees.


Everything is for sharing.

Whatever shall I do?

Everything is yummy,

If I share with you.