Maths Enterprise Day

By Support - June 19th, 2019 | Posted in News

On Friday 14th June, Carew Academy played host to its annual Carew Enterprise Day, where all the pupils in the school went about selling goods and services to raise money for class projects. There was a fantastic variety of events going on from every class, with goods ranging from pieces of art, fruit kebabs, ice creams and stationery items to games and services, such as penalty shoot outs, drumming lessons and other sporting events. Each class had to choose their activity, designing posters to advertise and working out the cost of buying ingredients and goods and then working out the cost of each item and their total profit. As well as this, every pupil had the chance to look at other classes’ wares and spend their money! At the end, pupils found out how much money they made altogether, and throughout the day supported this learning by practising their maths skills around money, ranging from recognising money and selecting the correct amount to working out percentages of profits. A brilliant day, with many parents coming along and spending their money, supporting our pupils and their enterprise skills! Well done everyone!