Carew PE department is one that fosters an inclusive and supportive environment for students of all abilities. The primary focus is not just on the physical fitness but also on the well-being of each student. The department embraces diversity and ensures that every student, regardless of their physical abilities, feels welcome and valued. Modifications to the PE scheme of work are always evolving to cater to each student’s individual needs.

At Carew we offer a wide range of physical activities, from traditional sports such as Football and Basketball to alternative options like Bowling and Golf. This variety allows students to discover their interests and strengths.

The department places a strong emphasis on fundamental skill development. All staff provide a clear and differentiated guidance to help students improve their physical abilities while promoting a growth mind-set.

Beyond physical activity the department educates students on the importance of nutrition overall well-being and very importantly mental health. We understand that a healthy lifestyle encompasses more than just exercise.

As a department we work closely alongside the class staff who are passionate about their subject and care about how each student views/values their PE lessons. We create a safe space for open communication and each students input, we then try to provide support where needed.

At Carew we hope that teaching beyond just our physical means will help to nurture the mental and emotional well-being of our students. This helps to create an inclusive, supportive, and enjoyable environment where students can develop a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.