Looking ahead

By Support - April 25th, 2016 | Posted in News

SaLT Therapist, Cristiana held a session with 6th Form students about what they think being an adult is about. The session was based around Talking Mats, and covered a variety of topics around being an adult and what is important to students when they leave school. Topics that came up were living alone, going to the gym, keeping busy and active, art, going on adventures and work. This led to what interests they have around work and what they might like to do as a job. Lots of different career paths came up in conversation, some of the favourites were: working with animals, being a policeman, working in a school, computer and gaming design, 3D graphic design, publishing and book design.

The aim of the session was to find out what everyone’s interests are and what students might like to do after 6th Form, so lecturers are able to help get them to their goals and destinations after their time at school.

Everyone really enjoyed the session, and some words they used to describe it were “relaxing, helpful, fun, interesting, useful”.