Let’s End Hate Crime

By Support - November 5th, 2018 | Posted in News

Let’s End Hate Crime Event @ Sutton Salvation Army.

This is my experience of going to a recent Hate Crime Event in Sutton run by Community Action Sutton.

There was a LOT of police there enabling us to learn more about hate crime which is happening all around Croydon and Sutton. So we all came together to help out at this communion to make Hate & Crime stop for good.

During the event Carew Academy Students and other participants did an interactive online quiz on Mentimeter using our smartphones or ipads on what do we know about hate crime and what we do if we become a victim of hate crime. There were also situations that we had to re-enact in groups which I was a bit nervous about because it was with unfamiliar people.

We watched a video that some of the students at Carew took part in, talking about Hate and Crime to get the views across about how they felt about different situations that they have been through or have seen.

We all had a great time and we had really positive behaviour as we all enjoyed the experience. Some of us spoke to other visitors there from the Police and Mencap and we also got pens as a thank you for participating and being the only school to attend.

By Chardonnay (Carew Academy Student)