KS4 and Girls Surrey FA Inclusive Football League

By Support - January 31st, 2020 | Posted in News

On 22nd January, 25 students represented Carew Academy at the Surrey FA Inclusive Football League across 3 different leagues. For the first time ever Carew KS4 Boys won the Premier League – this was a league that we were not entered into last year! There were also some amazing results for our other teams who continue to improve.

Carew KS4 A Carew KS4 B Carew Girls A Carew Girls B
1.       Shane 1.       Liam 1.       Chloe 1.       Jessica
2.       Kane 2.       Rio 2.       Amy 2.       Emily
3.       Blu 3.       Ishaaq 3.       Lucy 3.       Ellie-May
4.       Brandon 4.       Adrian 4.       Sophie 4.       Faye
5.       Nicky 5.       Niyaz 5.       Louise 5.       Bonnie
  6.       Daniel 6.       Hannah 6.       Matilda
  7.       Thomas    

To see the full review of all the teams matches and results, please click here