Jack Petchey Awards for Carew Academy

By Support - June 15th, 2021 | Posted in News

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme is the flagship programme of the Jack Petchey Foundation and it currently operates across 1,600 different schools, groups and organisations within London and Essex. The Achievement Award Scheme aims to enable schools, colleges and youth organisations to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of their young people. Sir Jack Petchey CBE wants young people to raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and make a contribution to their society. Achievement Awards are designed to recognise a wide range of achievements. It is not just about being clever, or gifted, but about putting the effort in and doing your best.

Here are our most recent winners, as well as the reasons they gained the award:

Joshua (Year 8): Joshua is a kind and helpful member of the class who will always go above and beyond to help and support others. Joshua works to the best of his ability in every lesson and every Friday sets the pace when the class run around the park never stopping or giving up and always encouraging others. Furthermore, Joshua has shown great resilience overcoming a number of personal challenges in life and especially the last year.

Jack (Year 10): Jack is an excellent role model for his classmates in Canberra. He always works independently to the best of his ability and helps his classmates when he has completed his work. He is kind to others and very supportive. He helps his classmates with friendship issues and encourages and role models positive behaviour and interactions.

Jack (Year 10): Jack won this for working above and beyond whilst at home during the lockdown, never missing a Zoom and completing all his work remotely to an excellent standard. He even offered to cook and help around the house!

Peter (Year 11): Peter is really challenging himself this year. He is working hard to overcome the aspects of his learning which he finds the most difficult. Peter is an excellent role model to the younger pupils at Carew, a characteristic which he is using practically by supporting in a KS2 class. Peter is also a very responsible and reliable individual, and as such he has taken on a range of duties assisting our site staff on a weekly basis.

Connor (Year 13): Connor has worked extremely hard to recognise and manage his emotions in a positive way and is now able to avoid distractions and focus in class, which has just resulted in him passing his Level 2 Functional Skills English Writing and Reading. Not only that, he has become a role model to other students in the class by encouraging them to complete their work, revise and try their best to achieve, as well as mediating between them to avoid class conflict. His positivity has resulted in him building strong friendships with others in his class and he now makes numerous positive choices on a daily basis. He is a credit to himself and to our school.

Lauren (Year 13): Lauren achieved this for showing resilience and strength during the lockdown.

Well done to our winners. Your Carew family are very proud of you!