It’s National Apprenticeship Week

By Support - February 7th, 2022 | Posted in News

It’s National Apprenticeship Week, so what a great time to reflect and celebrate Mark’s journey from apprentice to fulltime employee of Carew Academy.

Mark embarked on his apprenticeship in 2019, studying one day a week at Orchard Hill College and gaining his practical skills and hands-on experience at Carew Academy where he worked alongside site manager, Paul.

Paul recollected that Mark ‘made great strides’ during his training, quickly settling into his role and assisting him with lots of different projects. Paul said: ‘Mark was always willing to listen and keen to learn – great attributes for a great apprentice’.

Following Mark’s graduation, Carew were quick to offer him a fulltime role as Site Maintenance Assistant. Principal, James Kearns commented: ‘Mark really grew into his role and became a responsible and trusted member of the team. He is now a real asset to our school community and a lovely young man.’

Mark remembers his apprenticeship as a time where he ‘grew in confidence’ and ‘learnt lots of new skills’. He now has a solid foundation on which to build his career and reach his full potential.