In the kitchen at Carshalton College

By Support - February 5th, 2015 | Posted in News

As one of their Year 11 options Carew pupils spend one day a week at Carshalton College. Following from taster and information sessions, pupils chose from two options, Hospitality and Catering or Motor Vehicle studies.

Learning in an industrial standard kitchen, pupils are involved in every step of preparing a dish, including reading the recipe and following the steps which will prepare them for a future career option in the hospitality or catering industry.

At the classes each pupil is responsible for making their own dish, but this is also the perfect opportunity for teamwork and supporting peers as pupils help each other, for example with weighing and cutting ingredients.

Alongside the Edexcel qualification that pupils will achieve from this course, it is equipping them with practical independent living skills that they can use in the future, and personal and social skills to put to use in their everyday lives.