House Poetry Competition

By Support - October 12th, 2020 | Posted in News

To celebrate National Poetry Day on the 1st October, students were asked to write a poem called ‘Life Is …’ We had some fantastic entries and they were all an absolute pleasure to read. Every student who took part earned a merit and the winners earned even more merits for themselves and their Houses. The winners’ poems are below – they are absolutely fantastic and I hope you enjoy them. Well done to everyone!

Mrs Cooper


3rd place: Moses, Year 10, Kingston Class, Cedar House

Life is wonderful and disappointing,

Because it’s with lovely people and animals and filled with kind people,

Terrible violence and strong language.

Life is a dice because you don’t know what to do.

You make your own free choices and you treat people

How you want to be treated yourself.


2nd place: Tayla, Year 8, Lisbon Class, Rowan House

Life is fun, short and sweet.

Surprises sweep you off your feet.

Summer sun, winter rain,

But I love the spring when flowers come again.


Joint 1st place: Billy, Year 7, Tokyo Class, Rowan House

Life is blue,

If you don’t go to Carew,

As I found out because I am new.

You can earn a merit or two.


Joint 1st place: Ronnie, Year 9, Lima Class, Ash House

Life is peaceful when I walk in the park,

Ducks quacking, water trickling, leaves blowing.


Life is exciting when I visit the seaside,

Waves crashing, funfair rides, chips and ice cream.


Life is confusing when you don’t know all the answers,

Tricky maths, making friends, learning new skills.


Life is happy, spending time with family,

Playing games, movie nights, warm hugs by the fire.


Life is funny when I watch silly cartoons and tell jokes,

Pranks on my sister, you’ve been framed, tickles on the tum.


Life is sad when you are too small to ride a rollercoaster,

Sick in bed, broken toys, unkind people.


Life is frustrating when people want me to try new food,

Tie shoelaces, losing a game, can’t find the words I want to say.