Hobbledown Farm by Dublin S Class

By Support - December 12th, 2019 | Posted in News

On Monday 2nd December, Dublin S class visited Hobbledown Farm.

As part of our BTEC course, we had to plan and carry out a visit and make sure we participated in all the activities. We worked as a class team to arrange the staffing for the trip, complete a risk assessment, work out how to get to Hobbledown Farm and then plan what to do when we were there. We also took part in workshops where we handled a rabbit called Carrot and a guinea pig called Jedi. They were adorable and cuddly. We also fed the goats, two of whom were named Pitta and Houmous!

We had a great day and would love to go again in the summer when the outside equipment and zorbing activities are open.

By Dublin S Class- Chloe, Joslie, Lauren, Emily and Sophie.