Heritage Lottery Fund project – the beginning stage

By Support - September 23rd, 2015 | Posted in News

Carew Academy has been meeting with Projects Development Officer, Sarah Price, from Sutton’s Parks Department, to discuss an exciting project to develop Beddington Park.

The project is currently in the bid process with Heritage Lottery Fund, due to be confirmed early 2016, but the plans are well underway. Planned developments include enhancing the playground (complete with accessible, sensory and musical equipment), improving access and parking facilities, lake improvements, and revamping the gardens.

Sarah’s plan for our pupils is to give them an area of the garden of the churchyard extension to maintain and cultivate. This will give pupils the opportunity to take ownership of an area of the park that they so regularly use, to learn new skills, and to literally see their hard work in bloom. This could also contribute to pupils’ Duke of Edinburgh Award as their new skill and as their service to the community.

It is early stages of the project, which should take off at the start of the next academic year, but it’s an exciting process to be part of and we look forward to our continued partnership on this project that will offer so much to our local community.