Golden Ticket

As part of our revamped Achievement Programme we have introduced Golden Tickets this year, which are worth 3 achievement points each.

A Golden Ticket can be awarded to any student by any member of staff for any real WOW moment which is individual to that student. WOW moments for our students can be anything from holding a door open for a friend to making good choices all day. The tickets are written up and given out in assemblies as a surprise to the students.

The students with the tickets are then entered into a prized draw and at the end of each half term the winners are chosen and will receive a £10 gift card for a store of their choice.

In total 106 students were awarded a Golden Ticket in the first half of Autumn term and the winners chose vouchers for Game, Asda and PlayStation store.

Continue to be great!!!!

Carew is an amazing school for our son, he now shines academically and his social skills are outstanding since being part of Carew.  Most of all they understand his needs and support him daily.

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