Debate club

By Support - February 4th, 2016 | Posted in News

Carew’s debating club is off to a great start, with students discussing a different theme each session, topical and relevant to them and their lifestyles. Is Beyonce a good role model? Is it right that computer games are age restricted? These discussions are tailored so that they engage our students and lead to thought provoking views being put forward – if computer games are restricted, should TV shows too, like EastEnders which regularly features violence? Should it not be up to parents to decide and influence their children?

The sessions are run by a guest debating superstar, who joins us from UCL and has represented Wales and the South West of England in the Debating Matters final in the British Library. She also worked as a debating mentor at Cardiff Sixth Form College where she trained students for inter-school and national competitions. This expertise guides our students with how to put forward their arguments, how to take on board what their peers say and feel, and how to engage in healthy debate.