Day Trips to Jamie’s Farm

By Support - June 18th, 2021 | Posted in News

Skills for Life students from Cardiff, Rome, Brasilia and London classes had the exciting opportunity to visit Jamie’s Farm for a fun, active day on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th June, and take part in a range of events designed to build teamwork and confidence, and see what farm life is like! The staff at Jamie’s farm made sure all activities throughout our afternoon at the farm were both impactful and stimulating for our learners. We enjoyed feeding the ginormous pigs, got the stroke the tiny piglets and got the ride on the back of a trailer to see the cows and sheep roaming in the fields.

All the students had a fantastic time, and really enjoyed themselves! Our afternoon was made all the more exciting by the wonderful downpour that created puddles ideal for splashing and lying in! Can we come back every week?

Here are some parent comments on the trip:

”Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful day. ___ finally told me a little about the day. As parents we are very lucky to have such a great school with supportive staff”

“Absolutely agree with the above comments. Huge thanks to everyone :)”

“Good night everyone thank you to all the teachers”

“Thank you for today. ___ has really enjoyed it and is knackered”

“Amazing day they had. Looks so wonderful there”

“They all look so happy, well done and thank you for this day :)”

“Awesome photos. Everyone looks to be having a great time. Thank you for the trip, ___ loved looking at all the photos”

“Amazing photos, they all look like they had an amazing time. ___ said he saw cows and pigs! Well done and thank you all”

“thank you all for your time, they look very happy”