Our Vision
To work with students, families and the community to provide a caring and collaborative environment that engages, inspires and challenges. To ensure everyone is valued and respected to achieve personal success.

Our Aim
To ensure students are prepared for life after Carew, whether they decide to go onto a post 18 provision, start an apprenticeship, or start a career.

BTEC accreditations are designed to support the development of work skills, including time management, forming professional relationships and emotional regulation, as well as ensuring students understand how to achieve physical and mental wellbeing.

We aim to increase their independence in a range of ways: from completing independent travel training where appropriate, to developing their independent living skills, accessing services in the local community and being able to form and maintain friendships and
resolve arguments without the need for teacher intervention.

Our Curriculum Structure

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Sixth Form Pathways

For both continuing students and new students joining Carew Academy for Sixth Form, we offer five Curriculum Pathways. Please click on the appropriate pathway for additional information.

Art and Photography Pathway

Catering Pathway

Computing Pathway

Skills for Life Pathway

Sport Pathway


All students will complete a range of accreditations appropriate to their starting points at either Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2.  Students on the Art and Photography Pathway may be suitable for Level 3 A Level Qualifications.

Each Pathway is designed to support students in their next steps in education, employment or training.  Alongside their core studies, students will continue to study English and Maths in addition to Life Skills through our BTEC and Personal and Social Development lessons. We will continue to enter students for a broad range of qualifications including Functional Skills or GCSEs in English and Maths where appropriate.

Work Experience

Students (apart from Skills for Life) are off site one day a week to undertake suitable work experience placements. We encourage students to seek a placement relevant to their interests and future aspirations.  Previously, these have included: Teaching Assistants in Local Primary Schools, Catering Assistants in Cafes and Restaurants, Journalism Assistants, Stable hands, ICT Technical Support, Customer Service Assistants at ASDA and charity shops, to name a few. For a full list of current organisations please click here.



Next Steps

At the start of Year 13, we offer high quality advice and guidance through the Annual Review process to support students in their next steps.  We arrange information mornings with local colleges to help parents and students gain as much information and advice as possible before they complete college applications. The majority of our students go on to courses at Orchard Hill College, Nescot or Apprenticeship Schemes with Local Employers.


Our Sixth Form week has 30 teaching periods, with students attending Monday to Thursday from 8.45 am to 3.10 pm and going out to work experience placements every Friday. Alternatively, our Life Skills pathway are in from 8.45am to 3.10pm all week.

Students can continue to have packed lunches or school dinners. With parents’ permission, we also allow Sixth Form students to leave the school site at lunchtime.

Enrichment and British Values

We are keen for our Sixth Form students to get fully involved in the life of the school and, in accordance with our commitment to promoting and reinforcing British values, we have a number of Sixth Form Student Ambassadors who, amongst other roles, assist with planning events and supporting younger students. The principle of democracy is prevalent with elections taking place to fill these positions.

We actively encourage our Sixth Formers to exercise their individual liberty and make independent choices within the confines of our safe and supportive environment regarding their curriculum, enterprise activities and leisure time. We have a strong anti-bullying culture; students understand that mutual respect between staff and students as well as peers is a key component of our Sixth Form and everyone treats each other respectfully, with students encouraged to listen to each other’s views and show tolerance towards those with different beliefs or of a different faith. Students and parents/carers sign an agreement at the start of each year, promising to abide by these expectations.

Through our curriculum and our commitment to SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural knowledge), we help develop students’ moral compass, self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as teach them the skills they need to undertake their next steps, whether that be further study, meaningful employment or becoming a positive and purposeful member of society. 


Speech and Language provided by Cognus

Occupational Therapy provided by Cognus

Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA)

Drama, Music and Canine therapies as required.

Further Information

For further information, please contact:

Jake Stratton 

Assistant Principal – Head of Sixth Form jstratton@carewacademy.org