Carew Academy promotes the development of Literacy and Numeracy Skills across all three of our Pathways.

Whilst we do not have Key Stage 1 students at Carew Academy, many of our learners access a Key Stage 1 Curriculum.  We use the DfE Letters and Sounds Programme across the whole school to promote development of Literacy Skills:

In addition, we use Twinkle Phonics and the Accelerated Reader Programme to support our Lower School students to make progress in Reading, encouraging them to read widely and often:

Every classroom has a reading corner where students are encouraged to read for fun and each student has a reading log which is used primarily by families to record reading for fun at home.

It is crucial that our students develop their Numeracy Skills across all subjects and we actively promote the teaching of numeracy and mental maths across all subjects and whenever opportunities arise around the school:

For further information please contact:

Ruth Duggan – Assistant Principal and SLT Lead for English and Literacy.

Emily Page – Acting Subject Lead for English – Lead for English and Literacy

NumeracyMike Wood – Assistant Principal and SLT Lead for Maths and Skills for Life Pathway Lead

Emma Raper – Subject lead for Maths