Cultural Treat

By Clair Hill - September 27th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Carew’s Middle School Humanities Options class celebrated Yom Kippur on Monday 25th September.

We learned that Yom Kippur is celebrated once a year. It is the holiest day of the Jewish year and is also known as the Day of Atonement, when Jewish people ask for forgiveness.

On this day, Jews do not go to work or school and they are not allowed to eat or drink for 25 hours. Instead, they spend time praying, volunteering and donating. At the end of the 25 hours, they break their fast with a feast. Our class enjoyed a feast of bagels, crackers, cream cheese, smoked salmon, olives, tomatoes and cucumber. Some of us had never tried smoked salmon before and really enjoyed it. We would like to thank Miss Brown for arranging the feast for us.