Climbing at Craggy

By Support - February 15th, 2019 | Posted in News

Here at Carew we are very privileged to be able to let our students experience caving and climbing. On a weekly basis we take two groups of students, currently our year 7 students as part of the enrichment programme will climb for a whole term. The second group are our year 8/9 students who have chosen Duke of Edinburgh for their options. We have staff who have been Site Specific Trained to ensure the safety of every student. The staff at Craggy are friendly and understand the needs of our students.

Craggy Island in Sutton is a dedicated bouldering and caving centre.

There are three rooms the children use:

The Cave Room – an extensive 55m caving system with chambers and passageways along with a Horizontal wall for the children to warm up on before entering the rooms below.

The Rock Room – 70+ boulder routes plus sculpted grit, slate and limestone features. The climbs range from a level 3 up wards. Some of our children have achieved as high as a level 5+.

The Competition Room – 70+ boulder routes on a variety of angled walls from slabs to very steep overhangs- this room is more challenging for the children, however some of our more able children are able to complete some of the level 3 and 4 climbs.

At the centre we continue to use our ABC of success by encouraging the children to attend weekly, we ensure their behaviour is impeccable whilst off site and we challenge each student to overcome their individual fears whether it be of the dark, small spaces or of the height of climbing. It is lovely to see each child improve their skills over the term.