Celebrating WE Day

By Support - March 11th, 2020 | Posted in News

On Wednesday 4th March, an early morning start saw a group of students head off to the SSE Wembley Arena to participate in WE Day.

WE Day is an event for young people from across the country who have been active in the WE Schools program run by the WE Charity.

The charity promotes and encourages young people to stand up and say WE matter, WE can make a difference and what WE think is important and needs to be listened to!

WE Day celebrates the efforts of young people across the last year with a concert full of music and inspirational speakers.

This year we had the pleasure of seeing and hearing from:

  • Idris Elba
  • Nichole Scherzinger
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Jamie Oliver
  • Calum Scott
  • Bella Ramsey

And many more, for the full line up please visit the We Day website – https://www.we.org/en-GB/our-work/we-day/we-day-events/we-day-uk

The pupils behaved to an exceptional standard and made the school very proud of their actions.

We had to meet at 7:45am at Morden Underground Station and travel up through London’s busy rush hour commute.

Everyone worked really well as a team to negotiate the London underground on the way there and back and showed their caring nature for each other and members of the public.