Celebrating our differences

By Support - January 21st, 2015 | Posted in News

Countries from as far afield as Congo, Nigeria and Latvia were celebrated at the weekly assembly for the whole school last week.

Led by Assistant Vice Principal Mr Smillie, pupils proudly discussed their heritage. The Lower School students were shown a range of flags from across the world and given the opportunity to identify those relevant to them and their families.

The Upper School engaged in a discussion about tolerance, where students were asked to try and explain what tolerance meant to them. One pupil responded that “tolerance is about getting on with it.”

Assemblies are also a celebration of student achievement and this week included prizes and certificates for good work, behaviour, and consideration for others.

The themes of the assemblies are designed to promote fundamental values of tolerance, equality, democracy and free speech. They are also a great opportunity for pupils to behave in a respectful way during assemblies to demonstrate empathy, enthusiasm, consideration and praise for the achievement of others.