Celebrating Chinese New Year!

By Support - February 6th, 2017 | Posted in News

Part of our PSE lessons involve learning about different cultures and traditions, and at this time of year, Chinese New Year is celebrated. In lessons, pupils heard the story of the Chinese Zodiac, worked out which animal year they were born in and learnt about the Chinese traditions, including dragon dancing, sweeping the evil spirits out of peoples’ houses and the significance of the colour red in the Chinese culture.

Chinese New Year was on 27th January this year, and so what better way to celebrate than with a trip to the East Meets West restaurant at Wing Yip? Washington DC and Kingston classes had a lovely time, experiencing the delicious Chinese food and then taking a wander round the Wing Yip supermarket afterwards to appreciate the different foods available. On our return to school, we sampled and read our fortune cookies and enjoyed some strawberry flavoured Chinese sweets called ‘Lucky Candy’.