Carew’s Got Talent!

By Support - April 18th, 2018 | Posted in News

At the end of last term Carew hosted a spectacular talent show organised by Year 10 students under the guidance of Mr Shepherd. The great hall was transformed into a mini theatre, ready for the excited performers.

The Year 10s did an amazing job promoting, setting up and hosting the event. They designed posters and put them up at school to let everyone know about the show.

The whole school was invited to take part and it was a great chance for pupils to showcase their talents and perform in front of an audience.

Mr Shepherd opened the show and introduced us to our compere, Luke, who did a great gob welcoming the acts to the stage. The show got off to a brilliant start with a group of sixth form students performing a short piece inspired by “Stomp” on the drums, using paper and beatboxing with fake sneezing.

The audience was treated to a wide variety of acts. One pupil played fantastically on the keyboard, a few sang songs, including some very cute and adorable singing by younger pupils from the lower school. Others danced like their heros; Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Little Mix.  The show even had a ventriloquist and the final performer was me – Rosina, doing a comedy routine!

The audience certainly seemed to enjoy the show, there were lots of laughs, cheering, clapping and rocking out to the music!

At the end, prizes were awarded to first, second and third place, but everyone was amazing!

The show was bought to a close by Mr Shepherd who praised the efforts of the Year 10 music options group for a very well organised and fun-filled show. He also said: “It takes a lot of courage to get on a stage and perform in front of an audience.  This shows how talented you are and what you can achieve, I am really proud of you all!”

By Rosina and Clair