Carew Theatre Week 

By Support - June 28th, 2019 | Posted in News

Carew held its first ever Carew Theatre Week from Monday 17th – Friday 21st June.  Students worked hard in their English and Literature lessons during this week to create a play of their own or to practise performing a play of their choice 

To celebrate the week and to get students excited and engaged with theatre and drama, some external companies visited Carew and performed for the lower and middle school.  

Upper school classes learnt about a range of different plays, including Shakespeare’s Macbeth – some of them even created their own plays based on the three witches, a king and a murder!  

Here are some of the performances that students enjoyed:

Freshwater performance on Mon 17th June: 

Lower school thoroughly enjoyed an exciting visit from Freshwater Theatre Company. They travelled back through time to Tudor England where they met the six wives of Henry VIII and learnt what happened to them. They met a few peasants along the way too! The children then had to help solve various clues and puzzles to help get the time machine back to the present day. 

Signing Hands performance on Wednesday 19th June: 

Singing Hands performed to some of our students. They performed recent and popular songs using sign language. Our students really loved this and many of them danced and practised signing along to the music!  

Freshwater performance on Fri 21st June: 

Claire came to perform some African Tales to Years 8 and 9.  There were lots of songs that the audience could join in with and lots of opportunities for pupils to get up on stage and be involved with the performance.  They performed the story of Anansi the Spider who tricks the other animals into being his prisoners so that he can be the king of the stories. The performance ended with a dance that the whole audience could join in with.  We then went back to classes and wrote or performed our own African Tales.